Paper reviews

We will read around 30-35 papers throughout the semester (average two papers per class). These are listed on the course schedule under the Readings column. Students are required to read all papers and are expected to write reviews for a subset of these papers. Paper reviews are due at 11:59 pm the day before the paper is discussed in class (as listed on the course schedule webpage). Note that there may be minor changes in the schedule as we go along. Reviewers are also highly recommended to post your questions and comments to the corresponding research topic discussion thread for the lead presenter to address.

Submit your paper reviews in this Google Forms (you will need to sign-in into Google Apps with your Illinois NetID). We are following the reviewing format of CVPR. More specifics on the form of review are provided on the Google form.

Grading Scheme

Each student is required to submit at least 20 reviews, and each review will be worth 1% of the total grade, summing up to 20% of the course grade for paper reviewing. Students are recommended to submit one paper review per class. However, it is not a must. We allow students to skip some reviews for flexibility. For students who submit more than 20 paper reviews, we will take top-scored 20 reviews for grading. Note that class attendance and participation are required to receive a non-zero grade for the paper review.

  • Summary (3-4 sentences outlining the paper, 1-2 sentences summarize your overall recommendations)
  • Highlight pros and cons in bullet points. (be concise)
  • Strengths of the paper. (one paragraph corresponding to one bullet point, be specific)
  • Weaknesses of the paper. (one paragraph corresponding to one bullet point, be specific)
  • Minor comments (e.g., missing references, typos, minor mistakes, etc.)
  • Questions you might have.
  • How to improve the paper / technical approach?
  • What are the possible future directions?

Useful Resources