Students should have a basic understanding of concepts in artificial intelligence (e.g., CS 440), vision (e.g., CS 543), and preferably machine learning (e.g., CS 446). You should be engaged in or interested in research in at least one of the robot perception topics. If you are not sure whether you meet the prerequisites, talk to the instructor during office hours.

We will not follow a specific textbook, but here are some recommended books that you can consult:


Tentative grading scheme is as follows:

  • Participation (10%). Participation in in-class discussion and on Piazza.
  • Paper Presentations (20%). Presenting 1-2 research topics in class. More details see here.
  • Paper Reviews (20%). Writing reviews for research papers. More details see here
  • Final Project (50%). More details see here

Note that this class does not have any tests or exams.


To obtain disability-related academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids, students should contact both the instructor and the Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) as soon as possible. You can contact DRES at 1207 S. Oak Street, Champaign, IL 61820, (217) 333-1970, or via email at

Academic Integrity

All work that you submit should be written solely by you and your group, and you should cite any significant sources of ideas. If any part of your project builds upon efforts before the semester (e.g., your ongoing research project), be sure to discuss with the instructor in advance. Plagiarism and other integrity violations will go on record at the university, and the minimum penalty will be a zero for the entire assignment. See the student code for more information on what constitutes an academic integrity violation.


There are also several related robotics/vision courses both within and outside Illinois, whose material is available online: